Dharma Lion

Chinese_lion_amkMany Dharma Lions and Lionesses leaving this world recently, it seems.  I was sorry to hear of the death of Stephen Levine on January 17th.  Years ago, when I’d drifted away from practice for a time, I was able to go to a weekend teaching on death and dying presented by Stephen and his wife Ondrea.  To my surprise it was pure Dharma, so that I almost felt guilty that it was being paid for by my employer.  But it was powerful, and returned me to the path.

And some years later when I first struggled with depression, I took much from their teaching about facing pain, softening into grief, and keeping love primary.  It helped me to formulate a way to work with that pain.

I listened to this final teaching from Stephen and Ondrea’s website the other day after reading of his death, and found again the power of their wisdom, compassion, and their great gift to all of us.   Deep bows and gratitude to them both….



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